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Snog, Marry, Avoid

1 Feb

Some women go overboard with their ‘style’. Snog, Marry, Avoid is an effort to resolve that.

Crazy bitch tip: When your own children are telling you you’re wearing a bit too much make up, you might want to listen to them.


31 Aug

Being charitable is a good thing, no matter what form you choose for your charitable efforts to take. It is however also true that in some instances, the suggested method of charity might raise more than a few eyebrows.

Some people mistakenly think that their charitable efforts should somehow relate to their vocation. For example, a bricklayer might think that the best way to offer assistance would be the offer of laying bricks. That’s an example in which the vocation might be a worthwhile contribution to the cause at hand. Other vocations like ‘blogger’, ‘movie critic’ or ‘bikini waxer’ might not be so beneficial. Let’s face it, if you’ve just experienced a tornado, hurricane, a flood, or some other monumental tragedy, you’re probably not going to get a lot out of a free opinion on the documentary being made about said tragedy.

That’s why, the more typical approach to being charitable in these situations is to donate some money to a reputable charity who will be assisting in helping those affected by the unfortunate circumstances. Part of the rationale behind that is that money is much more universally useful. Another reason, is that some pretty crazy offers come through in the name of charity…

I’m sure that most people immediately assume that all female porn stars are crazy bitches but I’m not one of them. I don’t think you can generalise like that. I do, however, believe that suggesting that you might offer some benefit to a bereaved man who’s daughter has passed away by dressing up as a schoolgirl and offering him your body for his own amusement, does make it difficult to argue against you being a crazy bitch.

I also concede that offering your asshole as a storage space to people going through a tragedy and combining that sentiment with ‘bless you’ is unarguably straight out of crazy bitchdom.

Crazy bitch tip: When it comes to charity, generally it’s not a great idea to offer sexual acts.


Narcissism and a boobie video

18 Aug

There’s an old Greek myth about this dude named Narcissus, who they reckon looked at his own reflection in a pool of water until he died. Effectively, falling in love with his own appearance was the end of him.

Of course, we know that’s a myth and no one could be so vein as to die from looking at themselves, right? Well, that’s not exactly true. People die taking selfies all the time. Think about that for a second. People actually die in an effort to snap a pretty picture of themselves.

Psychologists have recognised that there are people who are just way too into themselves, so much so that it becomes a problem for themselves and/or for the people who have to deal with them. In honour of our old mythological buddy Narcissus, they called that sort of behaviour Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Most of us don’t really understand it in the same way as the white coat crew do but just about everyone is familiar with the basic concept of Narcissism:

Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity, or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes, that derive from arrogant pride. – from Wikipedia

Narcissism is universally considered a bad thing. Or at least, it was for a very long time. I’m not so sure anymore. Let’s have a look at today’s video…

I’ve spoken in the past about the fact that, despite my own love for the bouncy parts of ladies, I think roaming around with a video camera dangling off your head, pointing down at your jubblies is a pretty good sign that you’re a crazy bitch.

So, let’s have a quick think about the physically attractive young lady in today’s video. Is she hot? I’m gonna have to go with a HELL YES on that one. Do I think she’d be an easy person to be around? I’m gonna have to go with a HELL NO.

It’s great that she’s worked out so much that she has a beautiful physique to show off but the way she’s chosen to show it off is, well, it’s pretty fucking crazy. Of course that’s just my opinion and for all I know she’s a lovely young lady who spends most of her time working with charities and is trying to cure cancer the rest of the time, but that’s not the impression I get. How about you?

Do you think she might be just little bit too into her own looks? Do you think she might just be showing a few symptoms Narcissism?

Crazy bitch tip: it’s good to look good and to feel good about how you look but if you’re stopping in your tracks to check out your reflection every time you pass a mirror, you might want to think about how things played out for Narcissus.


2 May

I like boobs. I like them very much, actually and I really love the way boobs jiggle. I’m also a big fan of athletic, beautifully fit women who are confident enough to let me see their beautiful boobies jiggle.

How, then, could someone go wrong by putting in a bit of effort to show me all these things I enjoy in a single video? On paper, it would seem to be a perfect concept. Let me show you what I’m talking about…

Let me take nothing away from how attractive this particular region of this particular woman is. At first, my feeble male brain sees the jubblies moving too and fro with reckless abandon for their cloth captors and I can’t help but notice a deviation of blood from my brain to other areas. My first impression is indeed one of fwoaaarrrr!!! Sadly however, there’s enough resources left in my grey matter that my simple mind begins to ponder the making of this video.

On screen we see some beautiful boobies. Off screen, there’s a very attractive woman running around with a video camera hanging off her head, pointing down into her cleavage. That’s a pretty weird image in my mind but that’s not the end of it because I then imagine her running hard enough to work up a sweat, all the while making sure to keep her assets in frame.

Having recognised that this video didn’t happen by chance, I’m also forced to acknowledge that there was a bit of planning and consideration that went into its making. This fine young lady didn’t just happen to be in this specific location with a gopro haning off her forehead. The video didn’t just make its own way onto youtube for the world to see. At a bare minimum, she had to consider where she’d film this, how she would be certain her glorious bosom would sit well in the frame.

Ms bounce-a-lot also didn’t just think about it though, she went through with her plan. She made her way to her chosen location. She positioned the camera. She literally ran herself out of breath with the camera dangling into her chesticles. She got home and reviewed the footage and thought to herself “yep, it’s a good idea to take this footage of my breastaculars and post it on the internet”, and she went through with her decision to share the jiggle of her biggles with all of humanity, for all time.

As much as I enjoyed the sight of her near perfect titilations, I’m still left thinking that our protagonist here is purely after attention. Everyone is after attention to some degree but if I’m honest, as much as I do love seeing a fine pair in motion, I have to concede that I also think anyone who went to this much effort to get some attention is treading a tight-rope right through the middle of crazy-bitch circus.

Crazy bitch tip: Don’t go doing strange things for attention from strangers. You probably won’t get the sort of attention you’re really after.

I really hope the woman in the video is just a really funny person with a great sense of humour, and she thought this would just be a hilarious video. It’s a fun idea and I can’t say I don’t like it but geez, to go through with it, is kinda impressively nutty.

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