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Binge and binge and binge some more

10 Nov

Breaking up can be a hard thing to go through. Some women find solace in a tub of ice cream, while others feel the need to spend a whole week at KFC.

I’ve discovered that a lovesick Chinese woman dumped by her boyfriend spent an entire week in a KFC eating chicken wings.

Depressed Tan Shen, 26, from Chengdu, in China’s southwest Sichuan Province, decided she needed some fried comfort food to get over her ex.

She stopped off at a KFC near a train station by her home, but ended up staying for a whole week because she ‘needed time to think’.

I can kinda understand the need to escape or not wanting to go back to her apartment, as she puts it, because ‘it was full of memories of [her boyfriend]’ but spending an entire week in a fast food shop eating fried chicken is not the best remedy and sure as hell won’t help her meet another guy.

I feel for this poor girl. break-ups can really sting and It’s a horrible shame that she’s having such a difficult time. She’s clearly not thinking straight, though, so I hope her friends and family get hold of her and help her find a better guy. Maybe a guy who works at KFC… so she can eat all the fried chicken she wants without the disadvantages of coming across as a crazy person.

Check out the article at: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/lovesick-chinese-woman–26–dumped-by-boyfriend-spends-entire-week-in-kfc-131549197.html#lu5SXVp.

Crazy bitch tip: If you feel the need to binge after a breakup, go ahead, just keep it to one day per location max!


Take a breath

10 Oct

I was told a story the other day about a young woman who was dumped (very nicely) by her boyfriend, who is by all accounts, a fine young man who treated her well. The young woman in question pretended to take the break-up well but secretly began playing mind games with her now ex-boyfriend.

This young woman decided to make her ex, who was nice enough to still care about her, think that she had gone missing, and imply that she might have harmed herself, maybe even committed suicide. She even teamed up with her friends, convincing them to tell her ex they hadn’t seen or heard from her in days.

However you look at it, that’s just a shitty thing to do. What really makes it detestable to me is that this young woman and her friends were laughing about how concerned the ex-boyfriend was. They got together and mocked his genuine concern for the welfare of someone he clearly cares about.

See, what’s happened here is that the young woman’s feelings were hurt in the break-up and in the process, she began to blame her ex-boyfriend. She took the experience of being rejected and turned it into a personal attack, which she decided she must retaliate against.

There’s a huge flaw in her reasoning. This guy’s not a bad guy, he’s just accepted that the two of them don’t work as a couple, so he broke things off. That’s the right thing to do in that situation. It’s the only thing you can do if you want to be a decent person.

The young woman from this story has reportedly been lovely her whole life up until this point, so she’s probably not a crazy bitch. It’s a damned shame she’s chosen to act like one.

Hurt feelings are dangerous. Good people get twisted by hurt feelings and do awful things that they end up regretting later on. I’ve done it myself, and I very much regret it all in hindsight.

The point is, hurt feelings are an inevitable part of life and you can choose how to deal with them. You can accept that someone has broken up with you and move on, or you can try to make them think you’re trying to kill yourself. That last option, and anything like it, is going to convince people that you’re a crazy bitch, even if you’re not, so maybe go with the ‘move on’ approach when you can.

Crazy bitch tip: don’t blame others for your feelings being hurt.

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