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Do not assault and abuse priests in the name of ‘equality’

26 Feb

A few weeks back, a video surfaced of some very angry Argentinian women attacking a group of male priests as they stood in defence of their cathedral.

[Warning: this video contains violence, vulgarity, and female nudity]

What the hell is going on here?

The reason for this conflict is because Argentina has strict laws which limit abortion. Abortions may only be conducted if the woman has been raped, or if she is mentally incapable of rearing a child. The women in the video are fighting for their rights to have control over their own bodies, to be able to choose to have abortions, and they blame the Catholic church for blocking the removal of religious based abortion laws through the Argentinian governmental system.

At a certain point in the video, the women are chanting:

“To the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, who wants to get between our sheets, we say that we want to be whores, travesties and lesbians. Legal abortion in every hospital.”

I know that these issues are contentious, but my personal belief is that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body, so in theory, I sympathise with these women.

But in action? Not so much.

The women in this video are attacking the men standing guard of their church. They swear at them, spray-paint the men’s crotches, draw swastikas on the foreheads of the men, perform lewd acts together in front of the men, and even force their naked bodies against the men, intentionally causing the men to touch their nipples, bums and vaginas. The women run around topless and even completely naked as they scream at the top of their lungs. They spit in the faces of the priests and violently attack them.

Why it’s so very wrong to behave this way

Fair play, sometimes it’s difficult not to lose your shit when you feel like you’re being oppressed. I get that. Trust me, I seriously do know what it’s like to want to punch people in the face because they’re mistreating you. The thing is, by actually following through with your urges to violence, you downgrade yourself. Regardless of the validity of your point, you won’t be taken seriously.

If you’ve just seen someone rip off their clothes and force a priest to touch their breast before drawing a swastika on his head, punching him in the face, spitting in his eyes and then masturbate in front of him while grinding against him, would you take that persons opinion seriously?

No! Of course you wouldn’t! How could you possibly separate their opinion from their ridiculous and vulgar actions?

In addition to the fact that much of the behaviour in this video is actually criminal, the bigger reason that it’s the wrong thing to do is that it damages the movement the women believe they are fighting for.

Imagine the thoughts running through the minds of these very religious men as they’re being spat upon and punched and spray-painted. The women in the video are living out what these priests believe to be the actions of temptation and sin. The women in the video are proving to their religious enemies that they can’t even protest without acting like Godless heathens.

Personally, I’m not religious, but even as a non religious person I still think it’s way beyond necessary to spit in a priests face because you disagree with the actions of the church. That’s like spitting at the kid who serves you at McDonalds because you’re unhappy with the company’s globalisation efforts. It’s not the kid’s fault and it’s not the priest’s fault, and spitting on them isn’t going to fix anything anyway.

These women claim to be feminists but behaviour like this makes it more difficult for the women’s movement to progress against a heavily religious government. It reinforces mistaken religious beliefs that women are temptresses designed to cause men to sin. It does the exact opposite of the intention of the protest. That’s why it’s a fucking terrible way to protest.

Better options

What better options do these women have? Pretty much every option except the one they’ve chosen.

In most places, women are near enough to half the population, so voting is an excellent way to bring about change. These women could have supported politicians who would go on to fight for their rights using the political system.

Another reasonably approach would have been to use the media, both domestically and abroad. Unlike only a few decades ago, we now have the opportunity to create and share journalistic content ourselves. We can make important issues known not just within our own small communities, but we can make our voices heard the world over.

In this particular case, though, I think the best way to stick it to the religious litigators would have been to have a peaceful protest. Instead of raging at the priests, treat them in the same exact way the women themselves are fighting to be treated… with respect and dignity. Imagine how differently the rest of the world would have reacted in 20,000 women had gathered around that church and stayed there for a week without damaging anything or hurting anyone. Imagine the positive message that would have brought for the women’s rights movement in Argentina. It would have shown the powers that be that these women are here and demand to be noticed, but that they’re civilized enough to have reasonably discussions about the problems they’re facing.

Learn from this

The fight to ensure women around the world are treated as equals to men is a very worthy cause. Believe it or not, the majority of blokes I know are also in favour of women being treated as equals. The problem is that the remaining bag of dickheads who do see women as inferior point at actions like those seen in this video as evidence which proves their outdated way of thinking.

I think the thing to take from seeing this clusterfuck of violence and criminal behaviour is to learn that you get far better outcomes by choosing not to lose your shit, even in the face of oppression and mistreatment. Like I said, I totally understand the urge to boil over with rage and go apeshit, but if it will only get you further away from what you’re really after, what do you gain from doing so?

The archaic structures that are still in place to limit people’s individual freedoms and rights are being smashed away more quickly than at any point in human history, but we must all be patient as we try to deconstruct these relics from yesterday.

Crazy bitch tip: Screaming and spitting do not help you get your point across effectively.


Read more about this event at: opposingviews.com/i/religion/topless-feminist-mob-attacks-cathedral-argentina


Emma Watson is awesome

23 Feb

Emma Watson is not a crazy bitch. Emma Watson is awesome and she’s doing awesome things.

We all know Emma from her origins as an actor in the Harry Potter films but since her early years as the face of a strong female character, Emma has herself grown into a strong female character. Emma is a wonderful example of a woman, and a great example of the opposite of a crazy bitch.

In the following video, we see Ms Watson speak to the UN about women’s rights.

Importantly, Emma pointed out that feminism shouldn’t be about man-hating. This is an extremely important aspect of the mess that has become of the resurgence of the feminist movement. This is an observation which is lost on far too many women, who instead of looking for ways to help us to move towards the ideal scenario of equality for all, choose instead to blame men as if they’re the cause of any and all inequality that exists.

Emma Watson is a great example of a stunningly beautiful woman who has not rested on her aesthetic advantage. Unlike so many other child actors who go off the rails, become addicted to substances and squander their fortunes. Ms Watson has instead taken the advantages life has provided her and used them as a launching pad to bring positive change to the world.

Note that you don’t tend to hear about Ms Watson having tantrums or showing off her wealth or having twitter wars over insignificant shit. Isn’t that a wonderful change? That’s just another point in her favour.

Crazy bitch tip: Take a leaf out of Emma’s book.

Free Bleeding

16 Feb

So there’s this thing going around about a trend called Free Bleeding. Free Bleeding is supposedly an effort by extremist feminists to continue their fight against their oppression under “The Man” by choosing not to use feminine hygiene products during their period.

You’ll see pics like the following on the web pages which are discussing Free Bleeding:

Free BleedingFortunately for us all, Free Bleeding is a hoax. Thank whichever deity or non deity you thank in such relieving moments for that!

The hoax was created by users of 4chan as a means of screwing with the ‘Feminazis’ of the world. I guess the idea was to try to encourage the easily lead amongst them to actually go out and bleed period blood all over themselves as part of the new wave feminist movement. Here’s an article explaining the hoax. The trolls over at 4chan were really hoping it would catch on though, and they tried to drive the hashtag on twitter and encourage bloggers to write about it. Here are a few of the articles that ended up being written about it as if it were a legit trend:

There are a few photos being linked to this hoax movement, and they’re mostly coming from a VICE photo-set by Emma Bystrom which was intended to illustrate the embarrassment and shame that women go through in dealing with their monthly bloody buddy.

From "There will be blood" by Emma Bystrom

From “There will be blood” by Emma Bystrom

It appears that this is one of the rare occasions where I’m going out of my way to defend falsely accused crazy bitches. I stumbled onto one of the articles that took this trend as legitimate, and that left me to ponder if I really believed there were feminists out there that are so angry at men, that they’d actually walk around with their own period blood oozing all over them. Fortunately, I didn’t think that could be the case, so I hunted around for some proof to the contrary and, thankfully, found the details of the hoax. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that a few of the of the more mentally unhinged, man hating feminists out there in the world consider it for a few seconds before deciding against it.

And that brings me to my thoughts on Feminism…

I’m going to do a post entirely about feminism at a later date because it’s such a massive and complex topic but, for now, I just wanted to point something out. In amongst the comments on the articles that thought Free Bleeding was a real thing, I was surprised to read comments from women defending the right of women to not use feminine hygiene products.

To consider yourself a feminist is a good thing. To live the way you like is a good thing too, but don’t just follow along with all the bullshit being spouted by any wacko claiming to be a feminist. Think about what they’re actually suggesting and decide for yourself if it’s really ‘The Man’ imposing something on you, or if it’s just how things are. This Free Bleeding thing is a hoax, but it actually comes from actual suggestions from feminists, such as this one I found in a blog post from 2012:

So enter the idea of “free bleeding.” More of a mindset than it is an action, the idea is, as this blog title gives away, letting ourselves bleed. No judgement, no worries about messiness or cleanliness. Just letting it happen.

This might look different for different menstruators. We are always, technically, “letting” ourselves bleed. There are no menstrual plugs (thank god). But how often do we take a second, or a few, or a whole menstrual cycle, to mentally let our body do it’s thing. And appreciate it for what it does.

Here’s an assignment: Get comfortable, wear something you don’t mind bleeding in (heck, this might even include a tampon! remember, this is about you and what’s comfortable for you) or lay on your bed naked with sheets you don’t mind bleeding on, and focus your thoughts on letting yourself bleed. – From Feministing.com (http://feministing.com/2012/08/27/letting-ourselves-bleed/)

So, as much as this is a hoax now, there have been people suggesting this FOR REAL in the past.

Be a feminist. Be proud of that. Fight for equality. Fight not to be oppressed because of your gender. But for the love of all that is good, please don’t blindly follow the rabid, crazy bitches out there spouting insanity under the title of feminism.

Crazy bitch tip: Choose not to bleed all over yourself, no matter what caused the blood in the first place.


Stop making little girls swear

26 Oct

I’m pro-feminism but I’m not sure I’m pro-feminist. I think everyone should be equal and I think everyone should feel safe all the time. I think society’s focus on appearance is to its own detriment and I think there’s no matter what someone was wearing, they didn’t deserve to be raped.

Fighting to end inequality is good and justified but there are still right and wrong ways to do it. I don’t think the following video is the right way.

I love how enthusiastic the girls are in this video. I love that they’re representing a voice on the issues of feminism and equality but I hate that, by the end of watching the video, I begin to suspect an element of exploitation. I strongly doubt that those little girls really understand what they’re saying or truly understand the political background behind this video. I very much doubt that they understand that there are flow-on consequences to being in a viral video that might linger for decades to come. In short, they’re being used as political pawns instead of children. You might even suggest that these children are being encouraged to do something they wouldn’t do if they were fully aware of the consequences.

Ladies, please do raise your voice and fight for a fair-go and a modern society that treats you as equal to everyone else, but please don’t involve children in aggressive feminism marketing campaigns.

Crazy bitch tip: Please don’t convince little girls to swear on film and then try to make the video go viral.

In the interest of equality

11 May

Inequality between the sexes is a big deal. Even in 2014 women still get paid less than men, though at least the gap is decreasing. There are many other instances in which the fairer sex gets the unfair end of things. Given that I run a website entitled How Not To Be A Crazy Bitch, you might suspect me to be the sort of guy that thinks that there is women’s work and men’s work and all that rubbish but I’m actually 100% in favour of equality. I complain here about crazy bitches and I give examples of just how impressively crazy and bitchy some women can be but that doesn’t mean I don’t think there are plenty of other women out there who are awesome, quite the opposite.

I think my experiences with crazy bitches have actually reinforced my mindset that a lot of this behaviour is the result of another form of inequality, that being that society is far too quick to dismiss overly emotional and dramatic behaviour if that behaviour is coming from someone with ovaries when the same behaviour portrayed by someone with testicles would be handled very differently. In my opinion this is actually damaging to women and their efforts towards being seen as equals by everyone, everywhere.

In recent years I’ve worked in offices where there were more women than men. That’s fine, no worries there. What wasn’t fine was all the bitching that went on and how quickly work meetings would turn into hours long conversation about the attendees family lives, children, pets and even recipes, cooking and housework. Sometimes I thought I was trapped in a sit-com full of exaggerated stereotypes. The unnecessary drama and conniving was beyond belief.

As I mentioned, I think women are equal to men and I’m well aware that there are plenty of men letting down the male side too but I really honestly think that women will only be considered truly equal to me when the same expectations are placed on them. In most places I’ve worked I might see someone cry once a year. In the place where I was the only guy, it was more like once a week. I’m not belittling the fact that people get emotional, I’m just saying that stuff is not acceptable for the workplace.

It’s not just workplaces where these inequalities are accepted. When I was single, I paid for plenty of dinners. I was expected to make all the decisions and make all the moves. I was expected to be some sort of magician capable of figuring out if a girl was actually interested in me, or if she just liked a nice free meal, or if she just wanted to be friends, or if she was way too interested. I was supposed to know that when I leaned in for a kiss and that the girl gave me the cheek, that she was actually really into me but that she was scared of getting into something. I was also supposed to know that even though I landed the kiss with another girl and she kissed me back and then told me to call her, that she was not interested in me.

I call bullshit. I call bullshit on the whole thing. I’m telling you, ladies, stop excusing yourselves and each other for the behaviours that men turn into stereotypes and label you with. You are capable of everything men are, so don’t let yourselves down and fall into the trap of being bitchy at your coworkers, or focusing on “women things” at work. Don’t let yourselves be flighty and don’t let your emotions stop you doing the right thing. Every time you accept things like this from yourselves and your female friends, you’re providing examples that the morons amongst us who think you’re only good for cooking, cleaning and making babies.

Even though I don’t think this diatribe will be well received, I believe in equality enough to say it.

And on the subject of equality, I’ve decided that I don’t like being so uneven in my subject matter. This site is so heavy with content about crazy bitches that I decided there needs to be an equivalent for men too. I’ve called it How Not To Be A Massive Douche, it’s over at hownottobeamassivedouche.com. It’s pretty light on content at the moment but I’m going to start loading it up, so if you have anything you think should be posted there, let me know in the comments.Don’t worry, rule number 1 for How Not To Be A Massive Douche will very likely be “Do not create a website called How Not To Be a Crazy Bitch”.

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