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People shouldn’t judge you based on your appearance, but they will

7 Apr

2016-03-18 23.40.18.jpg

We don’t like to admit it but we do judge people based on the way they look. We shouldn’t  and most of us try not to, but sometimes it’s impossible not to make a connection between the way someone has chosen to dress and the type of person we assume them to be.

The image above is a prime example.  The woman wearing this combination of death-nails that hang out of her shoes and straining that stretchy legging stuff to breaking point could well be a Nobel prize winner who does rocket science projects as a hobby between sessions of teaching others how to deal effectively with their emotions, but that’s not the impression her attire is giving off.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t dress how you want. Everyone’s free to dress however they like,  of course. What I’m saying is you should at least be aware of the impression you’re giving off.

Crazy bitch tip: If you don’t want people to think you’re a crazy bitch, don’t wear a crazy bitch outfit.


You will be judged

9 Jan

If you’ve done something stupid enough to cause you to be standing in front of a judge, don’t be foolish enough to treat that judge with disrespect. It’s literally their job to judge you and they take it very seriously when people disregard that.

Learn from this orange wrapper jam packed full of clueless crazy bitch.

Looks like she wasn’t so disrespectful when she revisited the same court.

Crazy bitch tip: Treat people with respect, even if you’re only doing it for your own good.

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