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Belle Gibson lied about everything

25 Apr Belle Gibson drinking beer from a pint glass

belle gibson drinking from a wine bottleBelle Gibson has been a prominent figure in the alternative health world for some time now. Ms Gibson’s big claim to fame has been that she miraculously cured her terminal brain cancer just by eating healthy food. Not only did she claim that she cured her own cancer, she also suggested that other cancer patients would benefit from following her healthy lifestyle and profited from selling a cook book and app on the subject.

And it was all bullshit.

Wikipedia sums the scenario up nicely:

In early 2015, emerging media scrutiny revealed that Gibson’s cancer claims appeared to have been fabricated, that she had lied about her age and other details of her personal life and history, and had used company and charity campaign funds to lead a profligate and affluent lifestyle. There are claims she rented an expensive town house, leased an office suite and luxury car, underwent cosmetic dental procedures, and holidayed internationally from the proceeds of money purportedly raised for charity.

After a month of intense media scrutiny of her story, in an April 2015 interview Gibson admitted that her cancer claims had been totally fabricated, stating “none of it’s true”.

Gibson’s actions have been described as “deceit on a grand scale, for personal profit”.

It’s estimated that the book and app had raised over $1,000,000 and Gibson herself has claimed that she had “countless times helped others” to treat their cancers “naturally” and “leading them down natural therapy for everything from fertility, depression, bone damage and other types of cancer”.

Do you realise what that means? She lied to cancer patients to profit from their hopelessness and actively lead them away from the only treatments that are medically proven to help them survive.

Belle Gibson drinking beer from a pint glass

And she didn’t even follow the bullshit she was spouting about keeping toxins out of your body

In addition to this, it is alleged that Gibson raised a lot of money in the name of 5 different charities but either didn’t use the money for the charitable work she had claimed she would and/or massively exaggerated how much of the money she did end up going to charity.

Gibson actively encouraged things such as not vaccinating children, consuming raw, non-pasteurised milk, and Gerson Therapy.

When it became clear that people were going to find out that Gibson had never had cancer at all, let alone the multiple cancers she had claimed, she started deleting any posts relating to that topic from her social media platforms. In many cases, she went further and deleted the accounts completely.

Gibson has finally bitten the bullet and conceded that everything that she’d said to help her become famous was fabricated. She had lied her way into the hearts of those millions of people who are suffering with medical conditions that modern medicine doesn’t have pleasant solutions for, and then she used those lies to take their money.

You don’t have to be a shrink to suspect Ms Gibson is an out and out crazy bitch, now do you?

Of course there’s been complete uproar since the truth has come to light. And Ms Gibson’s response is has been to say:

“In the last two years I have worked every single day living and raising up an online community of people who supported each other… I understand the confusion and the suspicion, but I also know that people need to draw a line in the sand where they still treat someone with some level of respect or humility – and I have not been receiving that.”


“I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human. She’s obviously had a big life. She’s respectfully come to the table and said what she’s needed to say, and now it’s time for her to grow and heal.’”

Of all the shit Ms Gibson has said and done, to me, it’s these quotes which are the most telling of just how far from normal her line of thinking is. You don’t get to build an empire on lies while you take money from hopeless, suffering people in return for offering them fairytales and good vibes and then get to expect anyone to feel sorry for you or be understanding of your plight.

What the fuck sort of thinking is that? If you actively and knowingly deceive people, you don’t get to be treated with dignity when they find out. No, you should count yourself lucky that some poor cancer patient who wasted time on your lies doesn’t hunt you down and end you! For fuck sake! Who the hell could do this and still expect “some level of respect or humility”? That’s the statement right there that just proves there’s something very, very wrong with Belle Gibson.

There are a lot of angry people out there who are definitely not saying “Okay, she’s human.” Instead, they’re calling her a monster, and I’d be hard pressed to disagree.

So, as far as the crazy bitch ranks go, Belle Gibson is sitting very, very high up. She may even be the craziest bitch I’ve ever heard of.

Crazy bitch tip: do not mislead millions of people into thinking that eating well and exercising are enough to fight cancer.

Look out for the Monster

16 Mar

I don’t like this lady.

I’d actually be surprised if one of the points this level 2000+ “Christian” is talking about weren’t intentionally included by the people who make Monster. I mean, it is called Monster after all, so putting a sneaky version of 666 on the can isn’t implausible.

But why would she think a company named “Monster” would be laying claim to being a Christian company in the first place?

There are many points to pick apart in the woman’s flawed analysis, and I’m sure plenty of other people have already done that, and I’d prefer to focus on something different, here. My major concern with this video is that the leading lady has somehow come to the conclusion that she can take down a company that serves the antichrist by sticking some printed bits of paper to a piece of cardboard and telling regular people about the evil plot she’s uncovered.

Think about how crazy you’d have to be if you truly believed that the world’s fate is endangered by a satan worshiping company that’s busy selling us all devil enriched fairy-dust water as a means for the antichrist to infiltrate. OK, so now you’ve got that in your head, imagine that your best efforts to save the world from satan’s insidious attack was to… stick pictures to a piece of cardboard and talk to people about it every now and then when you have a captive audience.

Wouldn’t you be out there with a tank taking down the factories where they can this demonic drink? Wouldn’t you be getting on the news and letting the world know?

Apparently not. Apparently the risk of satan swallowing up all that is good and holy is not enough for this Christian lady to go beyond the “I stuck this shit to this shit and told people about it” phase of attempting to save us from old man fire-pants.

Crazy bitch tip: When you reach the stage of adhering pictures to a big piece of board, beware, you may well be heading directly into crazy town.

Bonus random extra

It’s funny, I was thinking about how to write this one up and I remembered how Monster used to taste so bad that they had to make a new version of it, and then make an ad about how terrible the old one tasted.

Turns out, I was wrong. It wasn’t Monster, it was another energy drink brand called Mother. So, for all of “satan’s” hard work with the 666 and whatnot, I’d have to say the whole branding thing isn’t working quite as strongly as Ms anti-Monster seemed to think.


No interviews when you’ve been drinking

13 Jan

This lady is probably not a crazy bitch, but this interview isn’t a good defense against any accusations of that nature.

Crazy bitch tip: It’s not always a good thing to be on TV.

You will be judged #2: do not enrage your judge

10 Jan

If you end up before a judge, keep in mind that they have the option to go easy on you, or to throw the book at you. If your behaviour results in the judge screaming “I hope you die in prison” you may have chosen the wrong way to behave.

So… yeah. What the hell do you say about that? I mean, surely you’d have to be a crazy bitch to not understand that being disrespectful at the judgement of your murder trial is a bad approach. I can’t really believe that there was even one individual in all of human history that didn’t understand that. If this horrid blob of a woman had been disrespectful as part of a political protest or something, I could maybe understand that, but she was just being a downright rude bitch at her own murder trial in front of a bloody judge! It blows my mind.

Crazy bitch tip: Sometimes in life, no matter how much you don’t want to, you really are better off behaving yourself. Courtrooms are one such situation.

Be less childish than your child

22 Dec

Watch this.

That blonde lady is a real bitch. She is a horrible, horrible person. Her son bullied the sweet young lady who’s on stage, and this blonde goblin dares to point out that she had a difficult time hearing that her son got in trouble for doing so! I’m not sure what planet she’s on but it sure as hell ain’t Earth.

Blonde thingI can’t believe she had the gall to taunt the woman who is kindly standing up for her emotionally abused daughter and then, when she’s caught out doing it, to throw out the most insulting of all apologies “I’m sorry if that made you feel bad”. Fuck her!

The thing that pushes the bully’s mother from bitch territory right over the edge into crazy bitch territory, is that she’s acting that way while she’s being filmed. She’s being so awful with full knowledge that she’s being filmed, and that means she thinks what she’s doing is ok!

Condesending and immature

This screenshot doesn’t capture the Cheshire cat smile this bitch has while taunting the bullied girls mother, watch the video from about 5:42 to get a proper look at it.

Double fuck her for daring to say things like “We’ll pray for you” and all the other rubbish about God. I’m not religious but I’ve got no real qualms with anyone believing in something if it makes their life better, but I sure have an issue with these human ringworms who decide they’re all high and mighty because they have faith in a religion.

When that blonde thing implies that she’s a good person because she has faith it makes me want to throw some holy water on her just to see if she catches fire and melts into the ground. If her God is up there, he sure as fuck ain’t opening any pearly gates for her!

It’s so obvious that the blonde’s son learned to bully from his mother’s example. I know ‘doctor’ Phil isn’t exactly high brow at the best of times but I can’t even comprehend how he just lets that blonde blob taunt and hassle that young girl and her mother after all the bullying and even death threats they experienced.

When the mother of the bullied child nearly breaks down into tears in disbelief that people seem to find her and her daughter’s suffering to be funny and entertaining, I’m right there with her. Seriously, what the fuck is going on? How is everyone just ok with how the bully’s mother is behaving? How does the entire audience not just rise up and chase her out of the studio?!!?

Beyond that, why the fuck is ‘doctor’ Phil talking down to the bullied girl’s mother? Why is he acting like she’s being unreasonable? Fair play, the bullied girl’s mother does have a whiny voice and she’s very mopy but she should be mopy! Her kid was mercilessly bullied and the parents of two of her daughter’s attackers are sitting there mocking her.

One thing that really gets me riled up is seeing a monster roaming around with the disguise of a human face. I reckon that blonde banshee is precisely that and I hope karma finds her and delivers a massive helping of comeuppance.

Crazy bitch tip: Never, ever use the apology “I’m sorry if that hurt your feelings”. It is the most insulting apology there is.

Mother of the year and sore-loser psycho-bitch

17 Dec

Y’know how sometimes you want something really, really badly. And y’know how most of the time, you don’t actually get that thing that you want really, really badly? And y’know how that sucks and how it can be painful, and frustrating and disappointing and put you in a bad headspace? And y’know how sometimes when you’re in that bad head-space you’ll use someone else’s private details to make requests for people to come to her home and rape her in her sleep? *Insert record scratch sound effect*

Yeah, umm. A woman by the name of Kathy Rowe actually did that.

Kathy Rowe

Kathy here won a “mother of the year” award as recognition for how well she’s looked after her daughter, and how well she has worked around her daughter’s disabilities. That’s lovely isn’t it? One of the big problems with getting such a lovely title, however, is that it really amplifies any mistakes you make afterwards. Trying to get someone raped is a bad look for anyone, but if you were once called “mother of the year”, it looks extraordinarily bad. It makes it look like you were a monster hiding in plain-sight and reaping the rewards of your ability to mask yourself in with the rest of us.

The story

Dream house

You know what’s great about this place? How tranquil it is and how unlikely it is that someone would show up to try and rape me here. I can’t wait to move in!

Kathy wanted to buy a house. It was her “dream home”, in fact. Unfortunately for Kathy, there are other people out there in the world who also liked that same house. It happened to be that one of the couples that was also interested in the home had more money to offer than Kathy, so they outbid her, and I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the higher offer was accepted and Kathy missed out on her house.

Kathy did not appreciate this.

I’m sure all her hard work in looking after her disabled daughter made her feel somewhat entitled to what she perceived as a reward for that, in the shape of a lovely home; and here were some “evil” people who had come and taken that reward away from her. I get that. If you read through the “origins”, you’ll get to hear about my own frustration and poor behaviour in a kinda similar situation. Even at my worst, though, I never tried to have anyone raped. Kathy, on the other hand, decided to get back at the couple who outbid her for her dream home and did exactly that… she tried to have the woman who now lived in Kathy’s dream home raped by strangers!

How do you convince strangers to rape someone? Kathy posted advertisements which she titled “Carmel Valley Freak Show” in sexual forums with the address of the home and photos of the wife of the couple who purchased it. In conversations with the men who replied to her advertisements, Mrs Rowe impersonated the female owner of the home and explained that she had a “rape fantasy” in which strangers would come in and have non-consensual sex with her against her wishes, but that it would all be consensual, regardless of how impressive a “performance” she would put in when defending herself.

So what you’ve got here, is a bunch of guys who believe they’re helping a woman live out a sexual fantasy, and a woman who is at risk of being raped any night of the week just because she bought a friggin’ house she liked!

One guy turned up to rape the woman but changed his mind when he discovered that the gate was locked. Another guy rocked up and knocked on the front door, fortunately the husband of the house answered it and that was enough to send the would-be rape-fantasy assistant packing.

Think about that for a second. If not for a locked gate or the fact that the husband was home that night, the woman of this house would have been raped, all because Kathy was unhappy that she didn’t get what she wanted! Fuck that! That’s batshit crazy bullshit!! That’s fucking evil! Bad enough for the woman who would have been raped, I mean, that’s just fucking awful. But what about the guys that were looking to help a woman live out a fantasy who could quite easily have gone to jail for a decade because they answered the wrong bloody ad!!!???

You can read more about Kathy and her story in these articles:

One of these articles includes the phrase “giver her a break”. Fuck that! I don’t care how rough a time you’ve been having, you don’t try to get someone fucking raped! Yeah, of course we have to be understanding about people going through a rough time but your actions aren’t lessened by how rough a time you’re going through. If that woman had gotten raped, the rape would have been just as real, regardless of Mrs Rowe’s inability to deal with her frustration. This idea that we have to reduce the punishment for an action because the action is the result of someone having a bad time is a major failure of our society to understand that it’s more important that the members of your society are protected than it is that criminals have it tough too. The easy solution to that is to choose not to do awful shit.

Crazy bitch tip: Never try to have someone raped.



The friend zone

11 Jun

What is it?

The Friend Zone is that situation in which you want to be with someone but they only see you as a friend. There’s a sort of switch that people flick when they allocate a person into either potential sexy-time participant/spouse ranking or the ‘just a friend’ ranking and it happens both ways, men friend-zone women and women friend-zone men. The difference, however, is that it’s way more common for a woman to friend-zone a guy and thus we end up with so many guys bitching and moaning about it. In fact, there’s so much bitching going on from the male side that the term Friend-Zoned now pretty much always refers to a guy being interested in a girl who has no attraction to him.

If you’ve been living under a rock and my explanation above hasn’t helped, this video should clarify the concept for you:


What’s the impact?

Guys complain about this a lot, and I do mean a lot. It’s not uncommon for a guy to be in love with a girl for years and never go after anyone else because he’s hanging out all by himself in the friend zone hoping that the girl who sees him as effectively a fellow lady (except with facial hair and a tendency to wear pants instead of skirts) will suddenly realise how awesome he is and immediately fall in love, yada yada yada, insert fairy-tale ending.

An image from the Princess Bride

Fallen princess

I’ve been there. I’ve been that guy. I know what it’s like to hope that she’ll stop chasing the arsehole douchebags who break her heart and wake up to the fact that there’s an awesome guy right here, just waiting for her. I learned my lesson and gave that shit up a long time ago but millions and millions of guys the world over are still in the trenches, trying desperately to dig their way out of the accursed friend-zone holes they’ve dug themselves into.

Why does it happen?

From the guy’s side

Aside from situations where the guy looks like a goblin and effectively has zero chance with women, the typical cause is the guy leaving it too late to make a move. Most of the time the guy doesn’t make a move because he lacks self-confidence or is afraid of being rejected. In rarer circumstances the cause is the guy not being interested in the girl at first, then a friendship develops and bam! he catches himself with a crush on her and he’s too afraid of ruining the friendship to make a move. That last one’s the worst friend-zone situation of all.

Oh yeah, there’s another friend-zone situation that guys get themselves into and this one’s a real punch in the guts. Guys sometimes friend-zone themselves by becoming interested in a girl. What happens is that the guy develops an affection for the girl and changes the way he behaves around her. Where he used to be cheeky and tease her a little, now he’s extra nice. When she used to fish for compliments, he’d ignore her or call her out on it but now he’s throwing bucket after bucket of compliments at her at the slightest hint of a request for a kind word. Where he once was aggressive when it came to choosing what to do or where to go, he now tells her it’s “whatever you want!”.

From the girl’s side

Let me state ahead of time that I’m a guy. I’m doing my best to make sense of what I’ve seen but I could be way off. I mean, let’s face it, you ladies are a mysterious lot. If I am wrong, let me know in the comments, please.

Anyway, what I think causes this friend-zoning from the women’s side is that (heterosexual) women are attracted to men. Sounds redundant, right? Stop and think about it for a second… women are attracted to men, not boys, men. This mythical thing called a man doesn’t wait 2 years to ask out the girl he likes! No! A man is quick to action and decisive. If he likes a girl he goes right up and asks her out. If he hasn’t made any obvious moves within a certain period of time, he’s clearly not interested, or he’s not a man, either way, the lady ain’t interested and he’s blown his chances.

Of course there are other reasons too, like the woman in question is just not interested in the guy at all and never would have been no matter how he’d behaved. Still, I suspect that’s much more rare than guys are lead to believe. I think women are attracted to confidence and decisiveness and to someone who will make the first move, and I think that guys who regularly find themselves in the friend-zone are not very good at displaying these particular attributes. I think this ‘real man’ myth thing that we’re all taught is a big problem but I’ll address that in a future post.


What the hell does this have to do with crazy bitches?

A guy can’t be in the friend-zone without a female participant. It’s one of those “It take’s two to tango” sorta deals. In all fairness, there are plenty of women out there who don’t even know that they’ve friend-zoned a guy because he’s never indicated that he wanted anything more than friendship. Shit, some women wouldn’t even realise that they’re even ‘friends’ with some of the guys who think have been friend-zoned.

What’s important for the women on the other side of these friend-zone situations to recognise however, is that these guys are throwing hints at you in exactly the same way that you do to towards the guys you’re actually interested in. These are almost always really, really shy guys. There’s a huge crossover between the constantly friend-zoned guy and the low self-esteem/low self-confidence guy.

It’s this low self-esteem and low self-confidence part that leads us to the crazy bitches aspect of the friend-zone.

The crazy bitch approach

Ladies, it’s not your fault if you have unintentionally friend-zoned a guy. That’s his problem. He needs to make it clear that he’s interested in you, and until he does, it’s on him. Once it has become clear, however, you do have a level of responsibility to let him know if you’re interested or not. A normal girl will find a way to do this and a nice girl will do this sooner, rather than later.  A crazy bitch on the other hand, will behave in a very different way.

The crazy bitch doesn’t let the guy down easy, she doesn’t clearly indicate that she’s either interested or not. No, the crazy bitch delights in the knowledge that someone is interested in her. The crazy bitch encourages the guy to remain in the friend-zone. Knowing that she could have him at the drop of a hat gives her a sense of power and feeds her want for attention. The crazy bitch ignores the fact that the guy in question is constantly having his feelings bruised because that’s not important to her, what’s important is that she has something he wants and by encouraging him but withholding it, she has power and control over him.

The crazy bitch doesn’t stop there. She enjoys using this power and control to convince him to do things for her. She degrades him by telling her friends she has him ‘wrapped around her little finger’. She laughs about him with her friends. She resents him for daring to think someone of his ‘level’ could ever attain someone of her ‘level’. Despite resenting him, she still wants his attention and if he should ever seem to lose interest, she’ll prod him with an sms or facebook like or some other little method of hinting that he might still have a shot. The crazy bitch will drain the guy of attention until he’s an empty shell of his former self.

Ever heard of a succubus?

Yep, she’ll suck but he won’t like it.


The Clinger

The majority of guys will take the rejection on the chin and move on if they’re told clearly that the girl isn’t interested. The Crazy Succubus Bitches who take advantage of guys who they’ve knowingly caught in their friend-zone traps don’t really have any control over those guys once the guy wakes up to the bullshit and recognise the succubus for the monster she really is.

Like I said before, it takes two to tango. Enter the Clinger. The Clinger is that guy who is head over heals in love with a girl who has made it absolutely clear she’s not interested in. The clinger is like the friend-zone cranked up to maximum. Guys who go full Clinger tend to be at best, going through a rough time and focusing on the wrong solution, and at worst delusional stalker psychopaths.

The Clinger will not take no for an answer regardless of how many ways it is said to him. He believes that he and the target of his desires are ‘meant to be’ and unfortunately for him, a shitload of fairytales have told him that if he just keeps at it, she’ll finally fall head over heels in love with him.

Clinger 2


Nope. Not gonna happen. You know why? Because The Clinger exhibits the opposite traits that most women are looking for. Sure, he might actually be a lovely guy, hell he might actually be perfect for the girl he’s interested in but she’s already said she’s not interested and Clinger behaviour is the least attractive behaviour there is. It’s like vagina repellant. Clingers are creepy. Clingers are awkward. Clingers are too invested. Clingers ignore reality. Sometimes Clingers even ignore restraining orders!

The best way to ensure you never ever end up with the girl you’re interested in is to go stage 5 Clinger on her. So guys, please don’t be a Clinger and if you have a mate that’s trapped in Clingonville, help him wake the fuck up and stop humiliating himself.

The Succubus + Clinger combo of doom

Sometimes the worst combination of all friend-zone varieties occurs. This destructive, doomed pairing is that of Succubus plus Clinger. It’s atrocious. When this devastating duo team up, chaos follows.

In scenario one, the Succubus has zero interest in the Clinger but he would lay down his life for a smile from his beloved. The short version of this story is that you end up with the Clinger being completely annihilated. The Clinger gives and gives and gives until there’s nothing left of him. The Succubus takes and takes and takes with pure joy until the Clinger, devoid of any remaining life force, disappears into oblivion forever. He is lost to all his friends and family and the Succubus simple targets a new soul to devour.

That scenario is actually better than the alternative of this version, in which the Clinger finally realises that he’s been used and abused by a monster and he sets about to eliminate the Succubus. This never ends well. It’s no good for anyone involved and also often results in the Succubus being lost to all her friends and family forever.

The worst of these worst case scenarios is a slight oddity amongst them in that it actually involves a succubus who thinks she might be interested in the Clinger but just can’t make up her mind. The fact that she is sometimes interested drives the poor Clinger even more insane than he already is, and his clinging gets worse, pushing the Succubus away. She comes back though because despite his clinginess being unpleasant, she adores the attention and maybe, just maybe, she could be interested, as long as he could ease up a little.

He can’t ease up a little though, can he? He’s so terrified of losing her that he does everything he can to make sure she stays with him! Down they go into a spiral of running away and running back and chasing too hard and freaking out about losing each other and it all turns into a massive pile of shit. That shit doesn’t just smother the Clinger and the Succubus. It splatters out all over their friends and their families and even complete strangers who suffer the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This situation, this is the worst of all. It explodes and destroys homes and businesses and families and friendships and everything else within range. The only solution I’ve ever seen come even remotely close to resolving this is relocation of either the Clinger or the Succubus to a completely separate location and cutting all contact with their partner in turmoil. Even with such drastic measures. it’s still not a certain fix.

The moral of it all

Guys, if you’re interested in a girl, get over your bullshit and let her know. Stop hoping she’ll figure it out from your hints. That goes for the ladies too. Stop fucking hinting. Rejection is a part of life. Getting rejected isn’t so bad. Learning to deal with rejection is far better than being afraid of it for the rest of your life and being too scared to take a shot at the women you’re interested in. In other words, grow a pair and have crack at it.

Ladies, treat the guys that are interested in you with respect. It’s a huge compliment to you and a horribly vulnerable situation for the guy. Yes it does suck that you have to figure out a way to let the guy down if you’re not interested but that’s a part of life too. Trust me, there are plenty of girls out there who would loooovvvvve to know that they’re so attractive that they actually have to turn guys down on a regular basis. Don’t be wishy washy about it either. You’re better off being blunt and leaving him with no hope than to give a Clinger any sort of incentive. You don’t have to be cruel, just tell him you’re not interested.

Crazy bitch tip: Find someone who you’re actually interested in and exchange attention with them. Do not yourself become a Succubus.

Clinger tip: She’s not fucking interested, mate. She’s being a complete bitch to you and she’s not worth your time. WAKE UP FROM YOUR FUCKING FAIRYTALE AND JOIN US IN REALITY.


One more thing

Whenever I see the term friend-zone come up, I always see comments to the effect that anybody stuck in the friend-zone is expecting sex in exchange for being a decent person. That’s bullshit. I’m sure there are some misguided massive douches out there who actually fall into that category but the vast majority are guys who actually have feelings for the girl they feel friend-zoned by. They’re not thinking about sex, they’re hearing this girl they love go on and on about how badly the guys she goes out with treat her and they’re sitting there thinking, “she says she wants a nice guy, I’m a nice guy, why the hell doesn’t she consider me as an option?”.

Most of these friend-zoned guys are actually nice guys who just don’t have the confidence to tell the girl they like that they’re interested. They’re not monsters like the revolting bag of shit porridge in this article. Wanting sex in exchange for being nice is moronic and gross. Wanting a girl you like to stop telling you how nice you are while she continues to go out with cave-men is foolish but it’s not a scumbag move. Stop acting like those are the same thing.


That turned into a pretty massive post. Sorry about that.

How not to be a crazy, racist bitch

5 Jun

First, the video.

Ok. Get through all that?

What the fuck is this crazy bitch thinking here?

  • She’s calling him a racist in the same sentence as using a racial slur.
  • She’s going off at this guy for having skin that is dark and starting his car.
  • She’s screaming foul-language laden abuse at a stranger while telling him not to frighten her children.
  • She’s yelling about how the cops she strips in front of will be on her side.
  • She’s threatening to have him beaten up.

Yep. That’s a crazy bitch. That’s a crazy racist bitch. And you couldn’t get a better cautionary example than this particular crazy, racist bitch because she is throwing every example of what not to do right out there for the world to see.

If you really want to be an ignorant, racist stripper and traumatize your children while shaking your arse for your cop husband’s mates, that’s your option but if you want to be one of those and get away with it, you might want to at least not go freaking out over nothing and screaming your hate ridden thoughts at people while they video tape you.

Crazy bitch tip: If you relate to this woman on any level, please don’t breed.

Not everything is fun

27 May

Usually on this website, I try to point out the funny side of crazy bitch styled behaviour. I aim for mockery, rather than misogyny. If you ever think I’m being hateful I’d like to hear where and how I came across that way, because I don’t hate women and the last thing I want is to encourage anyone to hate women.

I actually forget that there are people out there who literally hate all women. It doesn’t really make sense to me that anyone can hate all of anyone or anything. There’s just too much bloody variation in everything to hate every single instance of someone or something.

If I eat a ham a cheese sandwich and I don’t enjoy it, I recognise that I had a crap ham and cheese sandwich but I don’t automatically hate all ham and cheese sandwiches. If I eat 10 ham and cheese sandwiches and I don’t enjoy any of them, I might be less likely to go for another ham and cheese sandwich in the future but I’m not gonna swear off sandwiches altogether, I’ll just get a different flavour. If every sandwich I eat from a certain place is awful regardless of the toppings, I’ll probably stop eating at that place but I won’t stop eating sandwiches. There’re just too many variables to go blaming Sandwiches as a whole and in this example I reckon to just assume all sandwiches taste bad is really fucking stupid.

It seems ironic to throw out a generalisation after saying that but I do tend to find people who flat-out hate anything are either very closed minded or just frightened, often both. Ignorance usually plays a big part too, as does it’s less fixable younger sibling, stupidity. What a simple world it must be for those who think there are only Men, Women, Queers, White people, Black people and Asians. How straight forward would life be if you knew that every Man will react this way and every Woman will react that way?

Sure it’d be simple but that’s not how life fucking works, and you can go and thank whatever deity you choose to believe in (or not believe in) for that because existence would be tedious as all bugger if it were.

Anyway, I’m going somewhere with all this rabble. Some people out there have bad experiences with something and they mistakenly blame every instance of whatever it was that bothered them for their bad experience. This misunderstanding can bloom into hatred and that hatred can bloom into violence.

That’s how we end up with shit like this:

What a piece of shit. I’m glad he’s off the planet and I’m mortified that nobody stopped him living out his twisted fantasy based on his moronic misunderstanding of the world.

Yes, he’s a misogynist. Yes, he’s a sociopath. Yes, he’s a monster. More scary than all that, however, is that he’s not the only guy out there who thinks like that. There’s a strong push in most of the world’s leading countries to get rid of this sort of thinking as much as we can but the truth is, it does still exist.

The only way I can tie this all in with the whole How Not To Be A Crazy Bitch thing is to say that every woman alive needs to acknowledge that monsters just like this psycho are out there and if you’re not keeping an eye out for them, you’re acting like a crazy bitch. Be aware that some people have twisted the fact that you’re not attracted to them into some sort of fault of yours that they can blame you for. If you get that vibe from anyone, stay the fuck away from them. Don’t ever get into a relationship with a guy who thinks even remotely similarly to this guy.

I don’t hate much but I hate shit like this.

Sorry for the rant. We’ll get back to the lighter side of life next time.

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