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17 Apr

It’s magnificent that we have technology available to us which allows us to maintain contact with people from our past. I personally really quite enjoy that I can follow what my old friends are up to and how their lives are progressing. Sure, there are privacy concerns. Sure there are weirdos. That’s true of everything, though.

Still, sometimes you discover some out and out madness exploding across your facebook page and more often than not, there’s someone involved that might be referred to as a crazy bitch. I’ve stumbled a perfect example of this. Before you look it over, let me point out that I think the guy involved is a bit of a douche but of the two key contributors, he comes out looking the less crazy of the two.

Part 1

But it’s only just getting started…


And with that, all I have to say is “Don’t“. Seriously! Don’t do this! This is permanent!

Crazy bitch tip: everytime you’re writing something on facebook, consider what your grandchildren would think of it if they read it, because they probably will one day.


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