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Pregnancies are non-transferable

3 Sep


No condom

There’s a rule that guys are taught… “Don’t put your dick in crazy.” This is one of the prime examples of where that rule would come into play. See, this crazy bitch isn’t concerned with the guy’s STD status, or her own relationship status, or the potential pregnancy that could arise. Nope, she’s got it all planned out. Except that her plan is fucking crazy.

There’s just sooooooooo many things wrong with this scenario. I’ll try to outline just a few of the flaws.

  1. It’s not really a great choice to have unprotected sex with strangers
  2. It’s not really a great choice to have unprotected sex with strangers when you aren’t on birth control
  3. It’s pretty shitty to have sex with strangers when you have a boyfriend
  4. If you are going to knowingly risk getting pregnant from having unprotected sex with a stranger while cheating on your boyfriend, it’s a fucking terrible idea to plan to tell your boyfriend it’s his child.
  5. If you think any of this is alright, you’re going to have to accept that the rest of the world will think of you as a crazy bitch.

Crazy bitch tip: If you want to fuck strangers and risk getting pregnant to them, break things off with your boyfriend first.

Tip for guys interacting with crazy bitches: Sex one time is not worth a lifetime of association with a horrible person.

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