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Woman sets petrol on fire when guy doesn’t give her a smoke

30 Apr Car burns after woman sets the fuel on fire

The woman in this video asks the man for a smoke. He doesn’t have one to give her, so she lights the petrol on fire!

Crazy bitch level achieved: Maximum.

Crazy bitch tip: do not ever set petrol on fire, especially not just because someone didn’t have a smoke to give you.

Don’t blame your crazy on the drugs

24 Nov

If you’re a crazy bitch who happens to also use drugs, don’t go blaming the drugs for your crazy. I know it’s tempting but that’s like blaming your car for causing an accident. The car wouldn’t have been moving if you weren’t driving it and the drugs wouldn’t be ‘controlling’ you if you didn’t put them in your system in the first place.

That’s my little PSA for the day, and it was really just a tenuous reach so that I could post this adorable video of some grandmas smoking weed for the first time.

Note, though, that these lovely ladies didn’t instantly turn in to criminals and become an aging grey and pink menace to society. No, they made millions of people laugh at their charming manner and willingness to try something new.

Crazy bitch tip: You’re at least partly responsible for the majority of drugs that get into your system, so start taking some responsibility for that shit.

Awesome weed smoking grandma tip: I’ve got no advice for you, you ladies rock!

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