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Tampons are not a form of oppression 

10 Aug

I hope this is fake.  

Crazy bitch tip: you can use, or not use, whichever sanitary products you like, and you can take the blame for the smell and the people running away from your general vicinity.

Free Bleeding

16 Feb

So there’s this thing going around about a trend called Free Bleeding. Free Bleeding is supposedly an effort by extremist feminists to continue their fight against their oppression under “The Man” by choosing not to use feminine hygiene products during their period.

You’ll see pics like the following on the web pages which are discussing Free Bleeding:

Free BleedingFortunately for us all, Free Bleeding is a hoax. Thank whichever deity or non deity you thank in such relieving moments for that!

The hoax was created by users of 4chan as a means of screwing with the ‘Feminazis’ of the world. I guess the idea was to try to encourage the easily lead amongst them to actually go out and bleed period blood all over themselves as part of the new wave feminist movement. Here’s an article explaining the hoax. The trolls over at 4chan were really hoping it would catch on though, and they tried to drive the hashtag on twitter and encourage bloggers to write about it. Here are a few of the articles that ended up being written about it as if it were a legit trend:

There are a few photos being linked to this hoax movement, and they’re mostly coming from a VICE photo-set by Emma Bystrom which was intended to illustrate the embarrassment and shame that women go through in dealing with their monthly bloody buddy.

From "There will be blood" by Emma Bystrom

From “There will be blood” by Emma Bystrom

It appears that this is one of the rare occasions where I’m going out of my way to defend falsely accused crazy bitches. I stumbled onto one of the articles that took this trend as legitimate, and that left me to ponder if I really believed there were feminists out there that are so angry at men, that they’d actually walk around with their own period blood oozing all over them. Fortunately, I didn’t think that could be the case, so I hunted around for some proof to the contrary and, thankfully, found the details of the hoax. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that a few of the of the more mentally unhinged, man hating feminists out there in the world consider it for a few seconds before deciding against it.

And that brings me to my thoughts on Feminism…

I’m going to do a post entirely about feminism at a later date because it’s such a massive and complex topic but, for now, I just wanted to point something out. In amongst the comments on the articles that thought Free Bleeding was a real thing, I was surprised to read comments from women defending the right of women to not use feminine hygiene products.

To consider yourself a feminist is a good thing. To live the way you like is a good thing too, but don’t just follow along with all the bullshit being spouted by any wacko claiming to be a feminist. Think about what they’re actually suggesting and decide for yourself if it’s really ‘The Man’ imposing something on you, or if it’s just how things are. This Free Bleeding thing is a hoax, but it actually comes from actual suggestions from feminists, such as this one I found in a blog post from 2012:

So enter the idea of “free bleeding.” More of a mindset than it is an action, the idea is, as this blog title gives away, letting ourselves bleed. No judgement, no worries about messiness or cleanliness. Just letting it happen.

This might look different for different menstruators. We are always, technically, “letting” ourselves bleed. There are no menstrual plugs (thank god). But how often do we take a second, or a few, or a whole menstrual cycle, to mentally let our body do it’s thing. And appreciate it for what it does.

Here’s an assignment: Get comfortable, wear something you don’t mind bleeding in (heck, this might even include a tampon! remember, this is about you and what’s comfortable for you) or lay on your bed naked with sheets you don’t mind bleeding on, and focus your thoughts on letting yourself bleed. – From Feministing.com (http://feministing.com/2012/08/27/letting-ourselves-bleed/)

So, as much as this is a hoax now, there have been people suggesting this FOR REAL in the past.

Be a feminist. Be proud of that. Fight for equality. Fight not to be oppressed because of your gender. But for the love of all that is good, please don’t blindly follow the rabid, crazy bitches out there spouting insanity under the title of feminism.

Crazy bitch tip: Choose not to bleed all over yourself, no matter what caused the blood in the first place.


Why tampons exist

13 May

I’m not the fashion police, I promise, but geez there are some crazy bitches belting around in some completely inappropriate gear.

For instance…


Crazy bitch tip: nobody wants to see your pad.

No confusion here

19 Mar

Some of the traits that identify someone as a crazy bitch are subtle. Some require a level of attention to detail to help you catch on. Other traits, however, are far less subtle. This brings us to the subject for today…

Giovanna Plowman eats her own bloody tampon.

That video is so gross that I chose not to show it directly on this page. It’s revolting. The title sums it up accurately but I guess, if you have no imagination and you really, really want to lodge something that rainbow-yawn-inducing into your long term memory, you could follow that bad-boy link right into the land of NOPE. Just make sure to grab a bucket beforehand.

Clearly, being willing to eat your own tampon implies that the crazy bitch is strong with this one. Without doubt, she had a case of the CBs, but keep hope because it appears that even someone this far down the CB tunnel of terror can learn from her past experiences. Sure, she hasn’t learned to take the gum out of her before shooting videos but when you consider what was in her mouth in the previous video, gum is a pretty massive improvement. Here’s what she has to say about it after the internet exploded at her…

Crazy bitch tip: It’s good to learn from your mistakes but it’s far better to learn from the mistakes of those who’ve gone before you. Learn from Ms Lowman’s error in judgement and don’t go down in history as a batshit crazy bitch.

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