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The Queen of Queef

11 Aug

I’m not saying she’s a crazy bitch but chances are a lot of other people would think so…

Then again, if your life’s goal involves a queefs scoreboard and a microphone pressed against your birth canal, who am I to judge? Just be aware that you might not be as revered as you hope.

Crazy bitch tip: Dedication to a skill is generally a good thing, but be sure that skill is useful.


From whence he came

19 Mar

From whence he cameIn case the image is difficult to read, it says:

“He may have came out of your vagina woman but now he cums in mine. I call the shots now, not you”
– some chick on twitter

How about nobody calls the shots? There’s no reason for anyone to call the shots for someone else. If your boyfriend’s mother and you disagree on what’s best, who gives a shit? You should be more interested in what he wants than getting your way. He’s not a piece of property.

If you think this way about your boyfriend, or about your son, there’s something very wrong. If you care about someone, your primary focus should be on their happiness, not on how you can make sure nobody else loves them or has influence over them. That’s fucking weird, ok?

Crazy bitch tip: It’s rarely a good choice to tweet about your boyfriend’s mother’s vagina, or the semen your boyfriend deposits in your vagina. It’s definitely a bad idea to do both at the same time.

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to steam your vagina. Doctors do not.

10 Feb

Yep. That’s correct. Gwyneth Paltrow get her vagina steamed. Not only does she get her own vagina steamed, she thinks all women should get on board and allow steaming hot water vapour in and around their vaginas.

Fair play, I’m not your go to man when it comes to giving advice on how to maintain a vagina but I disagree with this advice. It just doesn’t seem like a good call. As it happens, every doctor that has had anything to say about this approach to feminine hygiene seems to have a similar NOPE sentiment when they’ve commented on this unusual practice.

You know something, ladies? Men like vaginas the way they are. Yes, you should keep them clean and most of us blokes prefer that the garden is well maintained, but beyond that there’s not a lot you should be doing to it. Vaginas are beautiful and there just doesn’t seem to be any good reason to go attacking them with steam… you know… because that could burn the bajeezus outta your fun bits! There are far safer ways to get an “energetic release”, trust me!

For more details, check out:

Crazy bitch tip: Steam and vaginas should never mix.

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