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If you cheat, it’s your fault

20 Feb


Crazy bitch tip: People are going to call you a crazy bitch when you try to blame your cheating on anyone but yourself, because you’re the only one to blame.

Billy Joel’s first wife (Elizabeth Weber)

11 Mar

I bet you’ve heard this song:

Billy Joel is an interesting bloke, to say the least.

Renowned as one of the world’s greatest singer/songwriters with many songs becoming international smash hits, Billy Joel has had a massive career, and a life full of all the action and drama that goes with being rich and famous.

As with most songwriters, Billy Joel has written many songs about love and about those people he has loved, and that’s what I want to tell you about.

Did you know that Billy Joel was briefly involved with Elle McPherson? I sure as hell didn’t! Turns out he wrote this song about her:

Clearly, Mr Joel didn’t expect the relationship with the woman the world referred to as “The Body” to last.


Elle “The Body” McPherson. Seems a ridiculous nickname in modern times, but the 80s was a different era.

I didn’t know about the Elle thing, but then again, I didn’t know he’d been married to Christie Brinkley, either, so I’m clearly not as up to speed with Billy Joel’s love life as I could be. But hey, I’m learning.

For example, I discovered that he wrote this song about Christie Brinkley:

Apparently, he started writing it about Elle but they broke up and he decided to finish it off by making it about Christie Brinkley instead, which makes sense considering he was marrying Brinkley.

So, to recap, Billy Joel was involved with not one, but two supermodels.

Billy Joel: Supermodel magnet.

Billy Joel: Supermodel magnet. Maybe it’s his beautiful eyes?

But Billy hasn’t always had such good luck with women. For starters, he’s been divorced 3 times. The most interesting of those wives, and not in a good way, was his first wife: Elizabeth Weber.

Joel got involved with Weber while she was married. Not only was she married, she was married to the drummer in Joel’s band, Jon Small. Not only was she married to the drummer in Joel’s band, they had a child together. That didn’t stop Ms Weber though. Neither did the fact that Joel attempted suicide twice from the shame of having his friend, Small, learn that Joel had been diddling his wife.

After Joel got out of the mental institution all this chaos landed him in, Weber snapped him up and married him. Seeya Mr Small! Joel began writing again, but could only do so by self medicating with copious amounts alcohol and cigarettes. Weber didn’t mind too much though, because she was now Joel’s manager, and earning sweet, sweet cash from everything Joel did.

The people who cared about Joel tried desperately to convince him that Weber was going to cause him pain. They pointed out that Weber was “manipulative, rude, and controlling” and appeared more focused on the lifestyle associated with rock’n’roll than she was with Joel himself.

Joel couldn’t see it though, and he wrote this about her:

Beautiful song, right?

Sort of.

The thing is, it appears Billy Joel was indeed being manipulated by Weber but he couldn’t see it no matter how much his friends and family tried to help. He actually wrote “She’s always a woman” as a response to all those who told him Weber was trouble. Pay careful attention to the lyrics:

Joel thought that Weber was in complete control of herself and would mistreat everyone except him. In She’s Always a Woman Joel makes tells those people who complain about his wife that, yes, she does horrible things, but she only does those things to people who aren’t good enough to earn her good side. Joel sings “blame it all on yourself ‘cos she’s always a woman to me.”

Weber had Joel so smitten that he couldn’t see through her (alleged) manipulation. It seems Joel never considered the fact that anyone who will “carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding” might actually be a crazy bitch, regardless of who she’s cutting or why. Unfortunately, Joel would learn that the hard way, but it’d take a few solid kicks to get it through his head.

Kick 1

Billy Joel wrote this song for Elizabeth Weber as a birthday gift.

According to Joel himself, after he performed it for her, Weber asked, “Do I get the publishing too?”

She was serious. This woman who just had Billy Joel write a touching love song about her, and sing it in person to her for her birthday, was only focused on how much money the song would bring her. Shit, if Billy Joel wrote me a song and played it to me, I’d be weak at the knees, and I’m a dude! I don’t know how Weber remained so focused on money in that moment but I’ll tell you this, it sure as hell suggests that she wasn’t particularly interested in Billy Joel’s feelings.

Thing is, Weber was already entitled to half of everything Joel brought in because she was bloody well married to the guy. On top of that, she was his manager, so she was taking a cut of everything he earned, before he even earned it! Money would never have been an issue for Weber!

Kick 2

While Weber was clearly reaping a huge income from being married to the Piano Man himself, she wasn’t satisfied with only getting more than half of everything he brought in. To ensure she got as much as possible, she (allegedly) convinced Joel it was a good idea for her to bring her brother Frank into the mix, even though Joel was deeply uncomfortable about the whole thing. And Joel should have been bloody uncomfortable about the whole thing, because Frank got right (allegedly) to ripping him off to the tune of $30,000,000!

Kick 3

Weber decided to divorce Joel, but he was still in love with her. In an effort to keep her around, Joel agreed to buy her everything she wanted, including a $4,000,000 townhouse in New York.

In the midst of this effort to keep Weber around, Joel crashed his motorcycle. His hands were smashed. This was a pretty terrifying thing for a guy who played piano for a living and any decent, loving partner, would have come to the hospital to help Joel in his time of disaster. Not Elizabeth Weber, though (allegedly).

No, Weber (allegedly) turned up to the hospital to find her husband of several years laying there in a deep depression, drugged up to his eyeballs on painkillers, and, according to Joel, pulled out a contract for him to sign. That’s right, Weber stood there in front of Billy Joel with his mangled hands and asked him to sign everything he had over to her (allegedly).

Finally, it sinks in

In the interview with Joel told Schruers, Joel said:

“I may have acted like an idiot a time or two, but I’m not a complete idiot. That really killed it right there and then.” – Billy Joel

It had finally sunk into Billy Joel’s head that the woman who had caused him to twice attempt suicide, alienated all his friends and family, seen dollar signs when he offered romantic gestures, brought her brother in to rip him off, and had generally been an out-and-out monster to everyone unfortunate enough to run into her, wasn’t someone he should be romantically involved with.

scWay to wake up to shit quick, there, Bill.

Who’s to blame?

I don’t give a shit who’s to blame. Sure, Joel was an idiot for not seeing past Weber’s (alleged) manipulation and should have listened to his friends, but if everything Joel claims is true, Weber might actually have been a soulless gold digger who had no qualms with stomping one of the world’s most popular entertainers into the dirt just to get a few bucks, even though she probably would have ended up even wealthier if she just treated him nicely (allegedly).

I think Billy Joel was aware of his own crazy when he wrote this song:

…he just didn’t realise that the woman who decided he was the lunatic she was looking for, was (allegedly) one of the craziest bitches ever.

Crazy bitch tip: If Billy Joel writes you a song, don’t ask him if you’re going to make money off it.

Origins #4

21 Dec

I’d just gotten back from Europe. I didn’t want that party to end. I didn’t want to slot back into the stressful, pressured, mindless existence my life had been before I’d gone away.

I tried to keep the party going by making sure that my friends and I were going out as often as possible, that we weren’t missing any chances to take part in the fun that life has to offer.

shuttingthisbitchdownReally all I was doing was trying to fight off the stress that I knew would take over again and leave me hating waking up, because waking up meant I’d have to go in to work.

Holiday talk

In the first few days back at work, everyone wanted to know all about my trip. I remember that Tim Everlong and his cousin, Jeff (my project manager’s manager), kinda cornered me to get some details out of me about the fun I had. I was trying to keep the various romantic/sexual escapades I’d gotten up to fairly quiet but they both wanted to live vicariously through me and eventually convinced me to give them some of the details. They loved hearing about it and I figured “Who cares? It’s not like they’re going to run into any of the girls I was with.”

It’s not like I went crazy over there anyway. I mean, I hooked up with about 6 girls in the 6 weeks I was there. If anything, that’s probably less than you’d expect given the circumstances.

Christmas in July, in August

I’d only been back a few weeks before it was time for the my work’s mid-year party. The party was August 4th, 2010. I know this because I was double-booked between my work party, and attending my good friend Kym’s 30th birthday.

As with every other work party, Rene Everlong was there. Rene was very keen to talk to me, even more keen than usual. The second I see her she calls out, “Hey, I’ve saved you a seat! Come sit here with me!”Of course I go and sit with her and we’re chatting away. I’m answering all her questions about my trip and somehow we start getting into some other territory. Rene asked me “What are things a girl shouldn’t do on a first date?” and “How is a girl supposed to let a guy know that she likes him?”, and a lot of other things about dating and relationships. My answers were pretty straight forward, “Don’t be rude to your waiter”, “If you like someone, ask them out”.

flirting-hintsI got the vibe that I was supposed to take those questions as hints but I just kept the conversation rolling because I’m not exactly going to get very flirty with my boss’s daughter at a work function, now am I?

The conversation went all over place. Rene mentioned that she has a fear of commitment because she moved to France to be with a guy, and he went and cheated on her. I told her that I have the same issue, but mine comes from the failure of my parents’ relationship, and from the following failure of my mother’s relationship with my stepfather. I explained that I’ve seen the chaos that happens when relationships fall apart, so I’m very careful before I let myself get in involved. It was nice to get into such a personal conversation with Rene and understand her a little better.

I was double booked, so I had to head off but just before I left, I told Rene that the guy in France is a complete idiot for cheating on her. A huge smile took over her face and I realised I might have just let the cat out of the bag a little. I didn’t mind, though. If I hadn’t worked for her father I would have asked her out, hell, I probably would have kissed her, but the situation prohibited such things and I just gave her a little hug and headed off to the other party.

My 31st birthday party

As it happens, my birthday is in August. Just a few days after the work do, it was time to go out and celebrate my 31st tour of the sun, so out went the invites to the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday party. I sent the invite out to everyone I work with and all the rest of my friends. The invite was something along the lines of: “Pub crawl. Starting at Pub A. Proceeding to wherever we end up. Come one, come all!”

I didn’t really think about it, but that invite also went to my manager Laura, and her sister Rene. I was pretty surprised to see them both at pub #5. I try not to drink at all around the higher-ups at work, so seeing my manager at my party was a bit nerve-wracking, especially because the bouncer decided I was too drunk to even be allowed into this particular pub. Being the adventurous and foolhardy bloke that I am, however, I just jumped the little wall and flopped into the party right along side the manager of my building. Hrmm. Hindisght’s an interesting thing, isn’t it?

Anyway, my nerves about running into my manager were quickly squashed when I realised Laura Everlong was at least as drunk as I was!

Rene was stone cold sober as best I can remember, but I was a good 5 pints in by that stage. I remember doing a bit of cheeky flirting with Laura and she was flirting back, which was fun and completely harmless. I know I spoke with Rene a little bit, but the only thing I really remember is that I asked her if she was a lesbian.

I know it was a joke and was some sort of effort to check if she was still single, but geez it seems like a stupid thing to go asking your boss’s daughter when you’re drunk. Whatever, that’s the least of my concerns as you’ll learn from the rest of the story. Anyway, Laura had to be at some event the next morning and the rest of my party brigade were ready to head off to the next pub, so we said our goodbyes to the Everlong girls for the night.

As the night progressed, the group grew smaller and smaller, until eventually there were only a handful of us left. One of these people was a woman named Angelica. Angelica was a friend of a friend, quite beautiful and though you wouldn’t know it to look at her, she was 9 years my senior. Angelica had been quite flirtatious with me through the night but I assumed she had a boyfriend and was just doing that thing that girls do when they go out, y’know, where they act like they’re single but they’re just enjoying the attention? It turned out that Angelica was, in fact, single and her flirtiness was not as toothless as I’d expected. And… well… I spent the later hours of my birthday learning that Angelica had a great apartment right there in the city, and that it had a really comfy bed.

It’s strange, later the next day I noticed some scratches down my back. If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn that a cougar had gotten hold of me.

31! What the hell does that mean?

It started to kick in that I was 31, not married, had no kids, was not any sort of world-famous success, and that in general my life had not turned out quite like I had expected.

It’s not like I was desperate to have a wife and kids but I had always liked the idea of meeting the right woman and cranking out some ankle biters. I assumed that would have sorted itself out by the time I hit 30, but there I was at 31 and it was still not even on the horizon. To be fair, I had specifically decided not to get married to my ex even though I know she would have said yes if I’d asked her. We would have had kids and bought a house and all that, but I knew she wasn’t the woman I was supposed to marry, so I didn’t. Instead I ended up 31 with no wife and no kids, sort of by choice.

Career-wise, things were going relatively well. Sure, my job was torturous and soul-destroying, but at the time I thought the higher ups would identify that my project manager, Gus, was an incompetent psycho and give him the boot, or that he’d eventually learn how to do the job properly and stop overloading me, and everyone else, with work. Either way, I figured my job would get back to normal sooner or later. The pay was good and I was a little extra proud that I was making that much despite never getting a degree.

From a wealth perspective, I knew I should have accrued more by that point, but I’d spent my money on experiences and I was ok with that. I had my shitty little apartment and that meant that my money wasn’t entirely going to waste. Over time I knew it’d be worth something, and I’d always have somewhere to live as long as I continued to pay the mortgage.

Hey! wasn’t this a story about you ending up in bed with your boss’s daughter?

Yeah, yeah. I’m getting there.

Tune in next time for origins #5, where I’ll tell you about how my chance run-in with a cougar became a regular mauling.

Crazy bitch tip: If you like a guy, you’ll have more luck with actually asking him out than you will by firing hundreds of carefully planned and targeted facial expressions at him.

Don’t blow kids

23 Nov

Alright, there are genuinely very few 47 year ex-cheerleaders who are married to billionaires out there in the world, but if you happen to be one of them, don’t go putting all of that in jeopardy just to randomly try to give a blowjob to a 15 year old boy.

Yeah, I know that’s pretty self evident, but it apparently wasn’t clear to this allegedly crazy bitch:

Do you think being wealthier than 99.9999999% of any human being to have ever stepped foot on our shiny little planet still couldn’t keep this woman satisfied? NOPE! Despite being so fit, healthy and stunningly attractive that she could still become an NFL cheerleader when she was nearly 40, Molly Shattuck’s life just hadn’t been interesting or exciting enough.

molly shattuck

A teenage dream… of sorts

Mrs Shattuck allegedly concluded that that giving a 15 year old boy beer and putting his cock in her mouth might chase away those billionaire boredom blues. Strangely enough, the rest of the world has some sort of problem with this scenario. I’m no expert but it might just be because both of those acts are completely illegal.

Got her!

Got her!

If you think it’s not such a big deal, stop and consider what it would sound like with the genders reversed. If the story was “47 year old man feeds 15 year old girl alcohol and performed oral sex on her”, most people would be outraged about this sick pedophile and that harm he’s done, so let’s not ignore the fact that this is dead-set abuse.

I will admit that 15 year old me would have been absolutely stoked at the idea of having a beautiful older woman do this to/for me, but the thing about that is, I was a complete idiot at 15! To be honest, being a complete idiot is pretty much your role in the world when you’re a 15 year old boy.

Let me explain something about being a 15 year old boy with all these fancy hormones running rampant through your body… you want to have sex with pretty much every female human being within reach, pretty much all the time. The mere fact that this 15 year old boy was sensible enough to know it was wrong to have sex with this modern Mrs Robinson says quite a bit about just how misguided Mrs Shattuck must have been to have a crack at it. Think about it… a 15 year old kid is saying… “I dunno, this putting my dick inside you seems like a bad idea because you’re married and 3 times my age and stuff” and she (allegedly) still decides to suck his cock on the side of the road in the middle of some ritzy neighbourhood.

And now she might be facing jail time for it. Who am I kidding? She’s married to a billionaire, so she’ll get off. Funnily enough that was what started this whole thing in the first place.

Read more about this madness at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2822102/Former-NFL-cheerleader-47-orally-raped-15-year-old-boy-met-Instagram.html

Crazy bitch tip: don’t blow teenagers unless, you’re single and the law says you’re allowed to, and even then give yourself a chance to double check that you’re not taking advantage of their boyishness for your own cougarish urges.

ps: allegedly, allegedly, allegedly. I can’t go fighting billionaires!


Tantrums don’t solve problems

19 Nov

Tantrums don’t solve your problems. When you’re a kid at least you can blame the fact that you chuck the occasional massively childishness tantie on the fact that you’re actually a child. When you’re a fully grown woman, you should know better than to kick and scream like dying cockroach just because you can’t get your way.

Granted, the husband shouldn’t have posted this video. If he really loved his wife, he wouldn’t have been willing to offer her up for the world to mock. Mind you, with that sort of behaviour, you can see why he might have fallen out of love with her.

Here he is defending why he posted the video:

I don’t know if I’m being one sided here, maybe I’m just on this guy’s side because I’m a guy too, but doesn’t he seem like a normal, level-headed bloke in both the original video and in the interview?

But hey, if I am being one sided, at least the chair kicker is single now. Have at her if you’re into that sort of thing, fellas.

Crazy bitch tip: When your argument has degraded to the point that you’re kicking a chair, it’s time to consider a new approach.

Never hit a man

2 Aug

Alrighty, listen up, ladies. The unwritten law of society that a man should never hit a woman doesn’t somehow imply that it’s OK for you women to go around hitting men.

Hahaha. Oh wait a minute, that could actually kill him.

Hahaha. Oh wait a minute, that could actually kill him.

It’s not OK. As a matter of fact, it’s a really, really, reallllllllllllllllllllllllly bad idea. It’s an unbelievably stupid thing to do and if you choose the wrong target, it might be the last really stupid thing you ever do.

Check out this display of charm and understanding…

A group of women ganging up like that on a man is no less shitty than seeing a group of men ganging up on someone. Maybe I’m old fashioned but for ladies to be throwing punches and yelling “what!” over and over again while they harass a guy just doesn’t seem like a classy way to get through the day to me. I mean sure, if you’re a female pugilist who also suffers from a hearing disability, I’d have to eat my words there but in any other situation you might as well be screaming “I’m a crazy bitch.” because that’s what you’re really telling the world.

It’s a numbers game

In the video above, there’s one guy and about four women. That’s not cool. Here’s a secret a lot of women don’t seem to have learned: While men are typically stronger than women, an individual man is not capable of fighting all the women in the world at the same time. Let’s say that on average, a guy is twice as strong as a woman, that means a man can potentially fight off two women at one time, maybe three, maybe even four but there’s a point at which a number of women can overpower a man. That means that it is possible for women to bully and abuse men. And it does happen.

Look at him, throwing his jaw at her fist like that. He should go to jail!

Look at him, throwing his jaw at her fist like that.

But when I mention numbers like those, I’m purely talking about situations where the man would actually be fighting back. Most men don’t. Most men know not to hit a woman. Most men will do anything they can to avoid hitting a woman. These men can be susceptible to bullying from women.

He's a monster.

He’s a monster.

A light beating

A medium beating.

A heavy beating

Seeking help

That shit’s crazy

When a woman hits a man a lot of things run through his head. Typically, the first thing is fear, the second thing is rage and the third is hopefully suppression of that rage based on remembering “I’m not allowed to hit her back”.

This is a totally acceptable situation that I'm not allowed to react to.

This is a totally acceptable situation that I’m not allowed to react to.


If you’re a woman who has hit a man and you’re lucky enough to make it to that point without retaliation, you’ll be looking at a man who is feeling emasculated. As a guy, let me promise you that a man who is experiencing the feelings associated with emasculation is an extraordinarily dangerous version of that same man. Even if he’s a very gentle guy by nature, or he’s not especially strong, emasculating a man can bring out the furious caveman monster that lurks beneath the surface of  every last male of the human species.

It is incredibly dangerous to put a male into that situation. DO NOT DO THAT. As I mentioned earlier, most men will do their level best not to hit a woman and in the videos above, you’ve seen men showing impressive patience while under attack. You might not be so lucky. You might choose the wrong guy at the wrong time, and if you do, you’re going to be in extreme danger.


It’s not funny. It’s downright terrifying what a person can do when they snap into a rage. When that person is a man, and you’ve just landed a blow that not only hurt him physically, but attacked his masculinity at the same time, the outcome can be deadly. A man should never hit a woman but that doesn’t mean he won’t and the more often you hit a man, the more likely you are to break that boundary.


Of all people, Whoopi Goldberg?

An American football player named Ray Rice recently knocked his wife out and had to drag her out of an elevator. Yep, he’s a real piece of shit. It turns out though, that his wife had been hitting him first. The women on The View were talking about this incident. I never thought I’d utter this sentence but Whoopi Goldberg made a very good point about it.

Whoopi Goldberg. A reliable source of wisdom.

Whoopi Goldberg. A reliable source of wisdom.

Whoopi practically had to yell to get out her point that you shouldn’t hit someone and expect them to not hit you back.

In the video, you see the other ladies on The View shaking their heads in disapproval as they try to out-volume Whoopi as she expresses her thoughts. What Whoopi is saying is “Don’t hit anyone” but the other women seem to think they have every right to hit a man right up until he thinks his life is in danger, and that they should get away with that without so much as a single counter strike. THAT IS INSANITY. You don’t get to hit anyone! The rule is “Don’t punch people”. Stick to that rule.

Violence begets violence

Here’s an example that became world famous.

I don’t think anyone is exactly happy to see that scrawny little boy bully collide with the concrete in such a sickening way but most people can appreciate that he wouldn’t have ended up being smashed face first into the ground if he hadn’t been hitting the other boy. Most people supported Casey (the bigger of the two kids) for being so patient and don’t begrudge him for reacting when he was pushed beyond his threshold.

But how do people react when it’s not a smaller guy doing the bullying but a woman instead?

Was he wrong to hit her? Absolutely! Did it happen anyway? Yes it did, and it would not have happened if she hadn’t hit him first but when they interviewed her, she still doesn’t appear to understand that.

A personal story

I have a sister who is seven years older than me. When I was little, she used to beat the everliving shit out of me. When you’re a 6 year old boy you’re no match for a 13 year old girl, hell you’re no match for seasaw. I hated it. She beat me up just because she could, because I wasn’t as strong as her. I’d tell my Mum but she assumed because I was a boy I should be able to stand up for myself. Later on, my sister would end up in a brawl with some police officers. It took 6 of them to restrain her. Apparently those police officers weren’t able to stand up for themselves against my sister either.

This same sister of mine ended up getting involved with a man who was an excellent boxer and eventually, I would find out that he had hit her. Being her brother, I felt it was my responsibility to do something about it and I went to their place to take care of it. Keep in mind, I’m no boxer. I’m 6’3 but that won’t help much against a state champ. Luckily, when I got there my sister and her boyfriend were out. Their son was home though, and he told me the story of what happened.

My sister had been drunk and gotten herself furious about something (as she was prone to do). In this state she had screamed at, and punched at her boyfriend for about an hour. He had tried to get away from her all over the house, eventually hiding in the toilet and locking the door. My sister wasn’t done screaming at him and punching at him though, so after trying to kick the toilet door down, she grabbed a screwdriver and undid the hinges on the door. She then proceed to climb on her boyfriend, continuing her previous onslaught of punching.

He pushed her off and tried to get out of the house but my sister blocked the doorway and continued punching him. That’s when he hit her. When she fell down, he ran out the door and down the street to get away from her.

My sister and her boyfriend came home not long after my nephew had finished telling me the story. I saw the innumerable cuts, scratches, scrapes and bruises on her boyfriend’s face, neck, shoulders and arms. I saw a small cut on my sister’s right cheek.

I love my sister and I don’t want anyone hitting her but I can’t blame her boyfriend for hitting her in those circumstances. I’m not condoning it in any way but I don’t know what the hell else he could have done. If it took six police to restrain her, what was one guy supposed to do?

I’m not saying I’m ok with the fact that my sister’s boyfriend hit her but I sure as hell think if she hadn’t been punching her boyfriend for over an hour that she wouldn’t have taken that one and only punch.

For the record

I’ve never hit a woman.

There was a time my sister completely lost the plot and was at my mother’s house trying to attack my Mum. My younger brother called me for help and I belted around there but by the time I arrived, my sister was gone. I have no doubt however, If I had needed to, I would have punched my sister to protect my mother.

There was an instance in which a girl I had seen only a few times had a complete mental break and accused me of colluding with her ex-boyfriend to videotape us having sex, so I could share it on the web in order to ruin her career. She ignored my efforts to point out that the lights had been out while we had sex and that my phone had been in my pants on the floor and couldn’t possibly have filmed anything. I tried to show her my phone and prove that there were no videos like that on there but she told me I had just deleted them. Then she started coming at me with a bottle in her hand. I got out of there without having to protect myself but if she had actually tried to hit me with that bottle, I would have punched her to protect myself.

I’ve never hit a woman but then again, I’ve never been in a situation where I felt I had no other option. I hope I never am. I don’t want to ever be a guy that hit a woman and I genuinely believe that most guys in the western world feel the same way.

Brass tacks

It’s really hard not to react when someone punches you. It’s made even more difficult when you’re male and you have testosterone coursing through your body urging you to either fuck or kill everything in sight. So while most guys might react to a punch like this…


You have to accept that you’re putting yourself at risk of dealing with something more like this…

hulksmashSo just don’t do it.

Crazy bitch tip: Don’t expect anyone else to adhere to a rule you don’t follow yourself.

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