“I wouldn’t have to lie if you trusted me”

19 May


Traveller coming unglued

23 Jan

Crazy bitch tip: don’t say shit like that.


A matter of taste

30 Dec

When did you last masturbate? This doesn't taste like three days!

To be honest, I kinda think if you know someone well enough to differentiate the taste of their semen based on days gone without ejaculating, you’ve got a very tight-knit relationship going and that’s sort of nice. With that said, it’s still going to sound weird if you question your significant other’s masturbational frequency based on the taste of their man-goo.

Crazy bitch tip: A lot of people are going to assume you’re a crazy bitch if you start using your knowledge a cum-connoisseur as evidence to prove or disprove the statements of others.


They don’t fit, ok!?

2 Jul

Crazy bitch tip: things can be too small, even when you’re very skinny.


Double standards

8 May


Crazy bitch tip: do unto others…


If we destroy all the scales no one will know we’re fat

21 Apr

Crazy bitch tip: Don’t blame the scales for what they say.


Welcome to Wendy’s 

20 Mar


Crazy bitch tip: be sure your clothing is appropriate for your workplace.

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