People will assume you’re a crazy bitch if you speak like one

7 Jun

After this blonde banshee gets off the train to attack the man who so inconsiderately put his bag on the floor near her foot, and he slaps her square in the gob, even the women on the train respond by saying things like:

  • “She’s crazy!”
  • “She’s mental!”
  • “She’s actually attacking him!”
  • “She’s out of her mind!”
  • “He shouldn’t have obviously hit her, but…”

When people have seen a man smack you in the face and they still are focused on how you’re behaving, you’ve got to be doing something seriously wrong. Normally, people would dive in to defend the woman from the horrible man that would dare hit her, but not here! The whole train has evaluated the young woman as a crazy bitch. That’s next level right there.

Crazy bitch tip: Don’t swear at strangers. Don’t swear in public. Don’t attack strangers. Don’t chase after strangers who have already smacked you in the face.


“I’ma kill that dick”

20 Apr

Crazy bitch tip: if you tell a guy you want you to kill his dick, you’re never going to get near it.


“I thought you didn’t give pretty girls tickets.”

9 Apr

Don’t try to use your looks to get out of tickets, or this might happen to you.

Crazy bitch tip: The police are there to do a job, don’t be a bitch about it.


No interviews when you’ve been drinking

13 Jan

This lady is probably not a crazy bitch, but this interview isn’t a good defense against any accusations of that nature.

Crazy bitch tip: It’s not always a good thing to be on TV.


You will be judged

9 Jan

If you’ve done something stupid enough to cause you to be standing in front of a judge, don’t be foolish enough to treat that judge with disrespect. It’s literally their job to judge you and they take it very seriously when people disregard that.

Learn from this orange wrapper jam packed full of clueless crazy bitch.

Looks like she wasn’t so disrespectful when she revisited the same court.

Crazy bitch tip: Treat people with respect, even if you’re only doing it for your own good.


Do not drive on the footpath

7 Jan

The fact that the road you want to drive on is busy does not mean you’re allowed to start driving on the sidewalk.

I kinda like the fact that the judge made her wear a sign indicating that she’s an idiot.

Crazy bitch tip: The rules apply to you, too.



It’s on the other side

31 Dec

I’m sure this lady is not a crazy bitch, but this video does give the viewer that kind of impression. Come on lady, seriously… it’s on the other side!


You decide

14 Dec

Which of the stars of this video is a crazy bitch?

Personally, I think they’re on par. Either way, I prefer pretend crazy bitches, like this:

…because at least pretend crazy goes away at the end of the skit.

Crazy bitch tip: Always go with pretend crazy over real crazy. Basically, do less crazy shit.


Tantrums don’t solve problems

19 Nov

Tantrums don’t solve your problems. When you’re a kid at least you can blame the fact that you chuck the occasional massively¬†childishness tantie on the fact that you’re actually a child. When you’re a fully grown woman, you should know better than to kick and scream like dying cockroach just because you can’t get your way.

Granted, the husband shouldn’t have posted this video. If he really loved his wife, he wouldn’t have been willing to offer her up for the world to mock. Mind you, with that sort of behaviour, you can see why he might have fallen out of love with her.

Here he is defending why he posted the video:

I don’t know if I’m being one sided here, maybe I’m just on this guy’s side because I’m a guy too, but doesn’t he seem like a normal, level-headed bloke in both the original video and in the interview?

But hey, if I am being one sided, at least the chair kicker is single now. Have at her if you’re into that sort of thing, fellas.

Crazy bitch tip: When your argument has degraded to the point that you’re kicking a chair, it’s time to consider a new approach.


Episode #20 – Cut off

3 Jul
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